When we formed Citizens for Sensible Forest Management in 2020. We were looking to build a large following of citizens who were concerned about the state of the forests and forest management, especially on the west coast. We reached out to a diverse variety of stakeholders: ranchers, recreation users, conservation groups, and politicians.

Over the year we’ve realized that to increase our impact we’ll have a need to raise funds. This will enable us to increase our reach and impact our message more forcefully with politicians.

We’ve started on this path by registering as a non-profit 501c(4). Please help us by donating to support the CSFM mission.

All transactions are handled securely by Stripe. There is a 2% transaction fee charged by Stripe. The remaining funds are deposited directly to CSFM.

All of your donations will go to supporting CSFM. Currently, there are no administrative overheads. We aim to be completely transparent in operating CSFM. Learn more about how we use funds.


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