Getting Involved

Fixing the challenges ahead of us is a long-term proposition. There are many ways you can help and stay involved. Here are a couple of ways to help:

  • Share the message. Share the CSFM website with your friends and on social media. Especially reach out to those who might not share the same viewpoint. It’s really importnat for us to reach a broad set of people with the CSFM message. We want to engage with people of any political persuasion and environmental positions, as long as they are willing to join the conversation.
  • Follow our Actions and Petitions page. When we have an active petition sign along with it. It’s really important that politicians see that as many people as possible either support them, or legislation that they are supporting. We don’t care who originates the legislation, if it supports our view on forest management then we’ll support it and would like you to as well. This is how many politicians evolve their position.
  • If you feel passionate write to your local paper, they are often eager to print a local opinion on a regional or national topic like forest management and its associated issues.

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