Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors to CSFM brings many years of expertise in every aspect of forest management, from practical experience, to scientific knowledge, media and non-profit expertise. CSFM is honored to have such talented individuals on its Board of Advisors.

Gary Gilbert

Gary Gilbert is a former fire chief and CalFire Unit Chief who served as a supervisor for Madera County’s District 5. He has been involved in local governance and community issues, endorsing candidates and participating in discussions to find local solutions for community issues.

John Mount

John Mount is a seasoned forester with over 57 years of experience in forest management. He worked for Southern California Edison for 31 years, managing around 20,000 acres of private land surrounding Shaver Lake. Before joining Edison, he started his career with the U.S. Forest Service and later spent 15 years in private practice. Mount’s approach to forestry has been significantly shaped by his experiences and the changing perspectives on forest management over the decades.

Bobby Macaulay

Bobby Macaulay is currently serving as a Supervisor for District 5 in Madera County. He has a strong background in community service and a deep commitment to public safety, environmental stewardship, and community unity. 

Macaulay has significant experience in handling emergencies and crises, notably during the Creek Fire, where he actively assisted affected residents. His proactive approach to forest management and community preparedness is aimed at preventing disasters and enhancing the quality of life in Madera County.

Dr. Roger Bales

Dr. Roger Bales, Distinguished Professor of Engineering at UC Merced, has been active in water- and climate-related research for over 30 years. His degrees include a B.S. in Civil Engineering (Purdue), M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (UC Berkeley), M.S. in Social Science/Economics (Caltech) and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Science (Caltech). Dr. Bales scholarship includes over 140 papers in peer reviewed journals, and many more presentations, reports and book chapters.

He is a fellow in the American Geophysical Union, the American Meteorological Society, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has published well-cited papers in multiple disciplines, including hydrology, glaciology, paleoclimate, atmospheric chemistry, geochemistry and environmental engineering. His current work is contributing to California’s efforts to both build the knowledge base and implement policies that adapt our water supplies, critical ecosystems and economy to the impacts of climate warming. 

Jeff Aiello

Jeff Aiello is an 8-time Emmy Award-Winning documentary filmmaker, television series host/producer and CEO of Valley PBS in Fresno as well as the co-owner and Executive Producer of 18THIRTY Entertainment.

In 2015, Jeff produced the National Geographic Channel documentary Billy the Kid: New Evidence with Oscar Winning actor/director Kevin Costner, and in 2021, Jeff directed the Emmy Award Winning film Afterburn: The Creek Fire Documentary.

Today, Jeff is the producer and host of the popular travel series Outside Beyond the Lens that airs on PBS stations nationwide and produces the Emmy Award Winning agricultural series American Grown: My Job Depends On Ag for ValleyPBS in Fresno, Ca.

Nick Smith

Nick has a background in public policy and communications, having worked in the Oregon Legislature in various capacities and having served several members of leadership in the House of Representatives. He founded Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities in 2013, a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots coalition that advocates for active forest management on federally-owned lands. Nick has also provided communications services to various industry associations including AFRC, Federal Forest Resource Coalition, American Loggers Council, Associated California Loggers and Associated Oregon Loggers.

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